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Wedges: The Way out

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Wedges: The Way out

High heels are beautiful to see on women. They slender the feminine figure, by highlighting the art of the body. High heels make a woman sexy, elegant, intriguing, fascinating and more confident in herself. However, in a world where women run from a place to another, where comfort has an increasingly role, more and more women choose to wear flats (G.B. dolly shoes). Pointed or rounded, beaded, embroidered, lacy, flats too have become always more sophisticated. Nevertheless, flats can never substitute the magic of high heels. The sensation of putting on a pair of high heeled shooes is in fact incomparable. For this reason, to all women that cannot wear high heels a third solution is to recommend. The way out of a binary choice (high heels or flats) is to use wedges! Wedges offer all the pros of high heels and flats combined. They make a woman taller, give them confidence and power. Yet, at the same time, wedges are very comfortable and can be worn in every occasion. Furthermore, wedges allow women to hazard a lot. Wedges can in fact present a bottom part extremely imaginative, for it is vividly painted or for it is carved in a peculiar way. Wedges can then be one of the way of proving and daring with yourself . They can let your personality emerge. So, do not be scared, and try wedges on!

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