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Time to be Mermaids

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Time to be Mermaids


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Who amongst us-as little girls-can affirm to have not dreamed of being a mermaid? Sea-dwelling creatures, mermaids fascinate all of us.

Mermaids evoke in fact a sense of fantastic and magic, an awe at the unknown, the adventurous. Mermaids represent the promise of forbidden fruits. So every grown up woman has wished- at least once- to be seductive as a mermaid, to possess the power of attraction as mermaids do, to be fierceless and proud as mermaids are, to be able to dash through the world as mermaids dash through water. And you know what they say, who has time, do not waste time. 2017  is the right time to look like mermaids, literally! So grow up, change your skin into scales, become a beautiful mermaid!!

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