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Get To Know Your Lips

  There is nothing more fullfilling than knowing who you are. Yet, knowing does not contemplate any static position. For knowing who you are implies a process of continous discovery of the Self. It is an adventure that is to be lived fully, by experimenting inner as well as outer “spaces” of yourself. Everyone has […]

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Lab-care protection

Let’s be honest. Winter is becoming hotter and hotter, and this is certainly not good for our planet. Yet,  winter remains still a horrible season for our skin. This is in fact the season in which the skin dries, gets chapped and more wrinkles sprung up. The advice to prevent such a catastrophe is to moisturize, […]

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It’s all about glitter !

From its beginnings when was associated to the fancy world of the showbiz to its recent application for decorating fingernails, glitter has made it. The newest fashion trend dictates in fact that even our lips must be all-about-glitter.  Hence, only one last reccomendation is necessary : have fun!

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