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Time to be Mermaids

[:en] from somalinet from Designer Scene   Who amongst us-as little girls-can affirm to have not dreamed of being a mermaid? Sea-dwelling creatures, mermaids fascinate all of us. Mermaids evoke in fact a sense of fantastic and magic, an awe at the unknown, the adventurous. Mermaids represent the promise of forbidden fruits. So every grown […]

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Strong shoulders

[:en]You know what they say: Better the devil you know than the devil that you don’t know, so why mess up with success? 2017 reinforces the already well consolidated strong shoulder trend. from bloglovin’ from from vogue: dresses by simone rocha from trendland            

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Borrowing from Spores!

Nature is one of the major sources of inspiration for designers. For nature offers a great deal of colours, materials and patterns to start off with. And, for the next seasons, the theme that the fashion world will borrow is that of spores. The morphology of spores combined with a vivid range of colours will […]

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2017: Leaving Symmetry…

Symmetry- it is well known- may be one of the very key to understand the whole universe. From the elementary particles to entire different universes, from eggs and cauliflowers to the human body, everything would seem to be symmetrical, if not created upon symmetry. Yet, as human we love the idea of revolutionizing everything, we […]

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