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City of the day: Muskat

Capital of Oman, Muskat is one of the most amazing places of the world. in fact, though touristically under the radar, Muskat has nothing to envy to other places. Sprung up on the Arabian Sea, Muskat is surrounded by a magical desert whose fine sand can constitute isolated beaches– where eggs of seaturtles can be […]

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Time to be Mermaids

[:en] from somalinet from Designer Scene   Who amongst us-as little girls-can affirm to have not dreamed of being a mermaid? Sea-dwelling creatures, mermaids fascinate all of us. Mermaids evoke in fact a sense of fantastic and magic, an awe at the unknown, the adventurous. Mermaids represent the promise of forbidden fruits. So every grown […]

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City of the day: Cartagena

[:en]Surronded by 13 kilometres of stone wall, Cartagena is one of the most earth-shattering place on only of Colombia, but of the whole world. In between its colonial past and its projection toward  the future, Cartagena is a living contrast. The beautiful and romantic atmosphere of the old town of Cartagena which was constructed upon a […]

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City of the day: Petra

Away in the red sandstone, completely built in rose rocks, Petra sprung up from the desert as a nostalgic place, reminder of something lost. Lost are in fact the old times when traders swarmed with their caravans along the roads of Petra, people flocked to the squares for the markets, men worked all day long […]

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