Dear, dear brooches…

It is a drama. Yes, I know. Every woman does. Our wardrobes become everyday fuller and fuller, but still when we want to go out we feel we have nothing to wear.  “Already wore, too small, too large, not sexy, already wore…. Oh my God? what should I wear?” The solution is always the same. Sisters, we need to re-invent constantly our outfits. Yet, putting together ensambles that look new every time is not that easy. Accessorise, they say. But we already do that. And to be honest, a scarf or a purse can change very little the way we look. So we find ourselves in the same old story. How should we get out of this damned loop? Using brooches!!

  •  Use a brooch in a classical way, by pinning it on the left side of a blazer. You will look elegant and sophisticated.
  • Use a brooch in a modern way, by pinning it on a t-shirt that is tucked in a pleated mid-skirt. This outfit will make you romantic enough to even go out on a first date.
  • Use a brooch in an extravagant way, by pinning one brooch on one shoulder, and a second identical brooch on the other shoulder. You will look like a super-star!
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