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City of the day: Petra

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City of the day: Petra

Away in the red sandstone, completely built in rose rocks, Petra sprung up from the desert as a nostalgic place, reminder of something lost. Lost are in fact the old times when traders swarmed with their caravans along the roads of Petra, people flocked to the squares for the markets, men worked all day long under the scorching Sun to construct sumptuous tombs, people gathered to pray, soldiers paced up and down the city to protect its inhabitants from the Persian attacks. Petra is a nostalgic place. Old times are long gone. Old times have become memories enshrined in the architecture of the city, in its sand and rocks, crystallized in its tombs and houses, roads and statues. Petra is a nostalgic place. Old times cannot be re-lived again. They can only be visualised in the mind, and lived in the soul of every tourist.



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