City of the day: Muskat

Capital of Oman, Muskat is one of the most amazing places of the world. in fact, though touristically under the radar, Muskat has nothing to envy to other places. Sprung up on the Arabian Sea, Muskat is surrounded by a magical desert whose fine sand can constitute isolated beaches– where eggs of seaturtles can be found as in Ras al Jinz; the dunes of Wahiba Sands– where a flavour of authentic indigenous culture can be tasted; the Sugar dunes-so called for they are white and cold, even on hot days. Also, the area around Muskat presents diverse archeological sites  that go back to the III century BC, such as in Sumhuram’s and Al-Baleed’s ruins; fortresses such as the Khasab’s , the Taqah’s and Samail’s castles. Yet, Muskat itself elicits awe. Indeed, Muskat concentrates in just one city all the typical Middle East atmosphere, with its busy and colourful Muttrah Souq, the architectonic fusion of contemporary and Omani styles in the must-see design attraction of the Royal Opera House, the radiant Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the Bait Al Zubair  Museum where an exquisite range of artefacts coming from China, India, Persia, ancient Greece and Rome are displayed for the public to see.

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