City of the day: Cartagena

[:en]Surronded by 13 kilometres of stone wall, Cartagena is one of the most earth-shattering place on only of Colombia, but of the whole world. In between its colonial past and its projection toward  the future, Cartagena is a living contrast. The beautiful and romantic atmosphere of the old town of Cartagena which was constructed upon a maze of cobbled alleys, now inebriated by the bouganvillea hanging from the narrow balconies is in fact suddenly blended with the sensation of terror provoked by the visible traces of what the Spanish Inquisition has left here. Yet, the atmosphere changes once again when being catapulted into the frenzy movida of night-clubs, pubs and discos of Cartagena. Yes, Cartagena is a living contrast, when everything can unexpectedly be upset. From the awe elicited by the Cathedral and the majestic churches, the tourist is overwhelmed by a sense of fear when he bystands the 23 dungeons of Las Bovedas, and again he is excited at the sight of the Carabbean “calor”. Cartagena is a living contrast, an enthralling and enthusiastic experience to not miss out!!!



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